Fenix flashlights was founded in 2001 and has since turned into a worldwide leading manufacture of quality flashlights and are continuously innovating their designs. They produce lights of all types ranging from tiny keychain lights such as those in the lower left corner of the first picture, to headlamps and lanterns as seen in the last two pictures, bicycle lights, and on up to 12k lumen handheld search lights with a variety in between. Unlike cheaper flashlights, their lights perform as advertised and do not have over inflated performance claims. I personally have used Fenix lights daily since 2011 and have some which have been absolutely abused but they keep right on working.  While they are a Chinese manufactured light, I assure you they are the top of their class and offer the best value in lighting. The fit and finish is great, quality control is top notch and the price is right, don't pass up an opportunity to at least handle one. The full product catalog can be downloaded from the attached link and more information in regards to the company  can be found on their site.

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