I look at our products as being an investment which should help to make some part of your life a bit better as they have mine. Whether it be a quality light you know you can count on when back packing in a remote area, a knife you now will hold up for your grandkids to inherit, or a sharpener to help maintain that knife, you can find it here. We are a authorized dealer for Fenix flashlights and Work Sharp sharpeners as well as a dealer for one of the largest knife distributors, between the three we can pretty well cover all your flashlight, sharpening, and knife needs. What is shown on this website is not necessarily an up-to-date list of in-stock items. I always try to rotate inventory and have different models at different times. Feel free to reach out for a specific item or find me at an upcoming show!

Below are some of the brands we stock but we are not necessarily limited to just them. Click on logos below to see what have!



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