About Us

About The Gear Shak, LLC

The Gear Shak is located in the heart of Kentucky's Bluegrass region and was formed in 2021 after years of frustration that quality gear was not more readily available. I was tired of watching friends and family purchase items that had less than stellar performance because that was all they could conveniently get or knew about. My primary focus is to better your daily life by providing top notch gear and premium customer service.

About the founder

My name is Justin Barnes, I am the founder and owner of The Gear Shak. I have been interested in these type of items since my childhood and as I have aged, my passion for them has only grown. I currently work in factory maintenance but my range of experience includes small engine repair, agricultural equipment maintenance, and as an aircraft maintenance technician. Combining my years of hobby experience with these products and using them professionally, I have developed a good understanding of what works well for certain tasks and what type of traits to look for in particular products.

Contact Us

The Gear Shak can be reached via email or in person at one of the shows we will be attending.